Wilcannia Weir upgrade

On 12 November 2018 the NSW and Commonwealth governments announced a $30 million commitment for the upgrade of Wilcannia Weir.

The weir offers more than water security. It will be a place for the Wilcannia community to swim, fish, walk, picnic and celebrate spiritual and cultural traditions. The upgrade is part of both government’s commitment to improve outcomes for Aboriginal communities in the Murray–Darling basin.

On 3 July 2019 the NSW Minister for Water, Property and Housing announced that stage 1 of the project, being the completion of a business case addendum with associated technical  investigations and community consultation, was complete.  Key findings from the Stage 1 works include:

  • The preferred option for the weir, being 5.2km downstream from the existing weir;
  • The minimum height of the weir, being 1m higher than the existing weir to ensure water security for the community; and
  • The preferred concept for the weir, being a fixed crest sheet pile structure with an integrated fishway and capability to make flow releases for water quality management as required.

Detailed information on the findings of the stage 1 work can be found in the business case addendum.

The Minister’s announcement included confirmation that WaterNSW will be responsible for the completion of the project. WaterNSW will be commencing work on the next stage of the project immediately, and will be targeting delivery of the new weir as quickly as possible.