Wilcannia Weir Replacement

The township of Wilcannia is located on the Darling River in western NSW approximately 260km west of Cobar and 200km east of Broken Hill within the Central Darling Shire local government area. The Central Darling Shire Council (CDSC) administers the local government area of approximately 53,000 square kms, with a resident shire population of 2,313 comprising the principal township of Wilcannia with a population of approximately 800 and several smaller communities. Wilcannia has a large Aboriginal community, being within the traditional tribal area of the Barkindji people (Barkindji meaning “people of the river”).

The Wilcannia weir was originally constructed in 1942 for the purpose of providing a more reliable town water supply for Wilcannia. The weir is the primary source of water supply for the town, augmented by a groundwater supply that provides a limited amount of water to basic community needs in periods of drought.

The existing weir at Wilcannia is in a poor state of repair, and the upgrade or replacement of the weir has been promoted by the local community for more than 15 years. In 2016, the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet prepared a scoping study and business case for the replacement of Wilcannia Weir.

The next phase of the project includes additional technical investigations and community consultation to finalise the preferred option for the weir. The project has been strongly supported by the NSW Government and will be co-funded by the NSW Government and Commonwealth Government.

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