Regional Town Water Strategy

Safe and Secure Water program makes funding available to Joint Organisations towards the development of Regional Town Water Strategies (RTWS), where these might assist in addressing broader issues across local water utility boundaries such as providing town water security and treatment across the region and potential water service scheme linkages.

This could include funding for the following elements:

  • Identification of local and regional cross-boundary options and development of effective and efficient regional solutions to address water security risks.
  • Identification, assessment and development of regional cross-boundary options to drinking water treatment, sewage treatment and reuse.
  • Assessment of how regional cross-boundary solutions can be integrated into each council’s own IWCM strategies, including governance, asset ownership and ongoing management and pricing arrangements. Regional, catchment-based data collection or analysis to inform individual utilities’ IWCM strategies, especially water security analysis.

The funding subsidy to assist Joint Organisations with RTWS will be at least 75% or the average of the eligible funding proportions of all participating councils if higher.

Joint Organisations can register interest in funding for RTWS under Stream 2 of the Safe and Secure Water Program, please complete the RTWS online form and attach your completed Eligibility Assessment PDF, 128.06 KB.

The following document will assist you to address requirements as part of the funding request:

Following confirmation of eligibility by Department of Planning, Industry and Environment complete the Scope of works assessment form PDF, 156.25 KB and submit by email to for review