Guideline for the management and administration of IWCM’s and RTWS

Strategic Planning for water and sewerage services is an essential part of Council’s core utility business and Councils need to ensure they have appropriate resources in place to develop and oversee this planning work as ‘business as usual’ activity.

Whilst specialist technical consultants can deliver the Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategies it is essential that Council takes ownership of the planning process to ensure the strategy delivers appropriate services fit for the local context and in line with community expectations. Therefore, Council input to IWCM delivery is not eligible for funding under Safe & Secure Water Program (SSWP).

Exceptions can be made where Council identifies that specific fully capital funded internal resources are assigned to administer and project manage the delivery of IWCM or where additional contract resources are hired in for that specific purpose (or where those contract resources are hired to backfill permanent staff temporarily assigned to that role). Specialist technical consultants should be engaged with full project management responsibility for delivery of their own scope of works, and this cost is included for co-funding. In these exceptional cases where Council PM resources are eligible for co-funding, Council is required to provide supporting evidence of those resources and their terms of engagement for consideration of co-funding.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment recognises that there may be significant benefits for one or more Councils in working together beyond Council boundaries to consider regional solutions or shared services. Further that, whilst IWCMs are exclusive to Council’s service area and DPIE’s Regional Water Strategies consider all water needs across catchments, that there are opportunities for Regional Town Water Strategies to ‘fill the gap’ between the two levels of strategy.

For this reason, SSWP co-funding is available to Joint Organisations undertaking management and administration of RTWS on behalf of member Councils. Given this RTWS management and administration is outside the JO’s core business, SSWP RTWS co-funding may also include administration and project management services in addition to the cost of engaging specialist technical consultants. JO must provide a detailed proposal of proposed resources required for project management / administration of RTWS and co-funding for this work will be capped to apply up to a maximum PM / admin cost less than 5% of the estimated Total Project Cost.