Program funding information

Details about the programs funding streams, funding bands and subsidy levels, funding approval, assurance and reporting requirements can be found below.

Funding under Stream 1 - risk prioritisation

The department has compiled a database of known significant risks and issues across all 93 eligible Regional water and sewage service providers throughout NSW. New risks can be identified through Integrated Water Cycle Management.

These risks have been prioritised for Stream 1 funding support under the Safe and Secure Water Program and are subject to budget availability.

All local water utilities have been sent a Risk Prioritisation Advice letter summarising details about the Prioritisation Review Framework, the role of the Prioritisation Review Panel, how new and / or existing risks and issues may be updated, which risk score categories may be considered for funding and general advice about the position of their identified risks and issues within the Program Prioritisation database. The letter includes:

Risk advice letters will be sent to Local Water Utilities periodically to include new risks, updated risk ratings and revised scoring of risks that have been mitigated.

Local Water Utilities will be advised separately if an eligible risk has been prioritised for potential funding and this will trigger further discussion around options to mitigate the risk. We recommend the use of the Safe and Secure Water Program project plan/business case template for projects under $10 million.

Risk prioritisation frequently asked questions

The list of frequently asked questions has been created to help provide specific risk prioritisation or issue advice. Please refer to the FAQs webpage or download a copy of the FAQs fact sheet.

Have a risk or issue query?

Lodge a risk or issue query using the online form.

Funding under Stream 2 - IWCM Strategy and RTWS

The Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategy is a local water utility’s resourcing strategy for the provision of appropriate, affordable, cost–effective and sustainable urban water services that meet community needs and protect public health and the environment.

Joint Organisational Regional Town Water Strategy (RTWS) is the strategic assessment and planning for regional solutions to town water supply treatment across and/or beyond individual council water utilities boundaries. Check our RTWS funding information.

LWUs can register interest in funding for an Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy under Stream 2 of the SSWP, please complete the online form.

To date, these water utilities and Joint Organisations are eligible for co-funding.

View a sample of the typical funding deed (low risk) PDF, 253.08 KB.

Check our guideline for the management and administration of IWCM’S and RTWS for more information.

Funding bands and subsidy levels

Levels of co-funding available to proponents are the same for all streams of the program and will be calculated based on annual revenue of the proponents (from water and sewerage) as detailed in the Table 1.

Table 1. SSWP funding bands
Annual revenue of proponent
(from water and sewerage)
Safe and Secure Water Program funding band
> $20 million (m) Up to 25%
> 10m to $20m Up to 50%
> $5m to $10m Up to 60%
> $2.5m to $5m Up to 75%
<=$2.5m Up to 90%

The revenue shown in Table 1 is for combined water and sewerage. Where an organisation provides either water or sewerage services only, the actual revenue is doubled before applying the funding bands

The 3 year average revenue from 2016/17 to 2018/19 is used for subsidy calculation purposes and eligible subsidy per council is available for download SSWP Subsidy Levels PDF, 82.19 KB.

Please note for local water utilities, revenue is defined in the latest NSW Water supply and sewerage performance monitoring reports published by NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Funding approval, assurance and reporting requirements