About the Safe and Secure Water Program

The Safe and Secure Water Program was established to address key risks to regional water safety and security in NSW, to provide safe, secure and sustainable water and wastewater services to regional NSW towns.

The program was established in August 2017 under the NSW Government’s Restart NSW Fund. Although the investment so far has delivered significant benefits, recent reviews of the program identified potential improvements to better target the available funding.

View the Safe and Secure Water Program Fact Sheet.

What’s new

In October 2018 the program was relaunched with new program criteria designed to:

  • prioritise projects that address the highest risks and issues for regional NSW water
  • ensure a minimum level of service in smaller towns where the cost of critical infrastructure outweighs the economic benefits provided
  • provide more flexibility by including non-infrastructure options, where this is cost-effective.

View the prioritisation fact sheet.

During April, May and June this year Local Councils and Locals Water Utilities (LWU) were invited to attend a series of SSWP Roadshows. View the SSWP Roadshow presentation slides.

New program guidelines

The relaunched program will provide funding for water security, water quality and environmental infrastructure solutions

Under the new Safe and Secure Water Program, three streams of funding are available:

  • Funding stream 1: Development and delivery of water quality, water security and environmental solutions. This is the main stream of funding under the program
  • Funding stream 2: Integrated water cycle management (IWCM) strategies
  • Funding stream 3: High-risk dams

The SSWP program management office (PMO) will administer the funding grant. View the sample funding deeds, funding deed (low risk) and design and construction phase funding deed.

View the overview poster for the assurance framework and project lifecycle.

The revised Safe and Secure Water Program is scheduled to run for five to seven years, or until all funding is committed.

See the program guidelines for more details.

Funding under Stream 1 - Risk prioritisation

The department has compiled a database of known significant risks and issues across all 93 eligible Regional water and sewage service providers throughout NSW. New risks can be identified through IWCMs.

These risks have been prioritised for Stream 1 funding support under SSWP subject to budget availability.

Letters will be sent out to LWUs detailing the position of their identified risks and issues within the Program Prioritisation Framework and details of how the risks are prioritised.

LWUS will be advised separately if an eligible risk has been prioritised for resolution and this will trigger further discussion around options to mitigate the risk. We recommend the use of the SSWP Project plan/Business case template for projects under $10 million.

Funding under Stream 2 - Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy

The Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategy is a local water utility’s resourcing strategy for the provision of appropriate, affordable, cost –effective and sustainable urban water services that meet community needs and protect public health and the environment.

LWUs can register interest in funding for an Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy under Stream 2 of the Safe and Secure Water Program - please complete the online form.

View a sample of the typical funding deed (low risk).

Funding approval, assurance and reporting requirements

View details of the funding approval, assurance and reporting requirements.

Projects receiving grants greater than $1M will be required to submit a Project Completion Report. Download the Project Completion Report form (PDF 197.5 KB) and email it to sswp@industry.nsw.gov.au.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Do you have a question about the program? We may have already answered it. Find out by reading our frequently asked questions.