Murray to Broken Hill pipeline

The NSW Government has announced that it will build a new pipeline from the Murray River to secure Broken Hill and surrounding communities’ long term water supply. The pipeline solution was selected following an extensive assessment by water, financial, engineering and infrastructure experts of 19 possible project options.

The construction of the pipeline is part of a $500 million investment strategy to secure Broken Hill’s water supplies – representing the largest investment into regional water security on record. This investment utilises Restart NSW funds under the Safe and Secure Water Program.

About the project

Overview information

Appointment of operator

The NSW Government announced on 16 December 2016 the appointment of WaterNSW to build, own and operate the 270km Murray to Broken Hill pipeline. For more information visit the WaterNSW website.

Frequently asked questions

What was the process to determine this as the best long-term solution?

The NSW Government knows this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure Broken Hill’s long-term water security and has so undertaken an extensive assessment and analysis of all possible solutions – spanning a broad list of 19 options. Each project option was meticulously reviewed by water, infrastructure and financial experts.

A shortlist of project options were further analysed against strict economic, environmental and social criteria – to determine which project best meets the needs of the region and supports Broken Hill’s economic prosperity for years to come. The analysis was performed in a transparent, robust and structured manner – overseen by experts from the department, NSW Public Works and Infrastructure NSW.

Why was the proposed pipeline option chosen over other options?

The preferred project provides the greatest confidence in meeting the specific quality, security and supply criteria in a sustainable and cost-effective way over decades to come. It best meets the strict social, economic and environmental criteria set to evaluate the project.

How much will the pipeline project cost?

The NSW Government is investing $500 million into securing Broken Hill’s water supply. The water security package represents one of the largest investments into regional water security on record and consists of a range of short term water projects—addressing the record low inflows into Menindee Lakes—and supported by long term projects to secure water for decades to come.

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