Review of 10 southern floodplain management plans

Moree town centre on Gwydir river shores in Narrabri-shire, New South Wales..

Public submissions are now being sought in relation to the following floodplain management plans:

Ten floodplain management plans in the Billabong Creek, Edward, Wakool and Niemur Rivers, Lachlan River and Murrumbidgee River (South).

The reviews relate only to the floodplain management plans listed.

Floodplain management plans provide the framework for coordinating the development of flood works on a whole-of-valley basis.

Floodplain management plans apply for a period of ten years from commencement, with a review required within the fifth year to determine whether its provisions remain adequate and appropriate for ensuring the effective implementation of the water management principles (under Section 43 of the Water Management Act 2000).

The public submission period provides opportunities for water users, stakeholders and other interested parties to inform the review of these plans. Comment is specifically being sought on:

  1. Is the floodplain management plan(s) adequate and appropriate for ensuring the effective implementation of the principles of Section 5 of the Water Management Act 2000??
  2. Are there issues with the plan(s) that were identified since commencement and impact on effectiveness of implementation?
  3. Are there potential amendments to the plan(s) that should be considered?

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) also recently completed their audit of the plans under Section 44 of the Water Management Act 2000. A copy of their audit report is available.

The review reports will be published online by the department and will be used in conjunction with the NRC audit findings to inform possible amendments to, or replacement of, these floodplain management plans.

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Submission closing date

The closing date for receipt of submissions is Monday, 29 March 2021.


Please note that all submissions will be published on the department’s website unless you let us know in your submission that you do not wish for the content to be released.

Please note that, regardless of a request for confidentiality, the department may be required by law to release copies of submissions to third parties in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.