Review process

Why review floodplain management plans?

NSW floodplain management plans are valid for 10 years from their commencing date. Amendments to floodplain management plans are made throughout their life to ensure they comply with changing legislation and to facilitate their implementation. Within its fifth year a formal review is completed by the department to identify the necessary alterations to deliver better outcomes for all water users, including the environment.

The current schedule for plan reviews PDF, 80.25 KB. Note: this schedule may change where plans are replaced.

What is the review process?

Under the Water Management Act 2000 the Minister may, on recommendation by the department, extend a floodplain management plan for another 10 years or replace the plan.

Extension refers to the extension of a plan for a further 10 years without change. Replacement is where changes to the existing plan are proposed.

A plan may also be amended to during its term.

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What does this mean for me?

Where a plan will be replaced or amended, the department will undertake consultation with stakeholders, which may include a formal public exhibition period, targeted consultation or other meetings or workshops, depending on the nature of the amendments proposed and the needs of stakeholders.

How can I be involved?

The department will notify key stakeholders when the review of a floodplain management plan occurs.

Plans under review