Floodplain harvesting measurement

Connecting water users with suppliers and installers

The NSW Government has launched the Metering and Measurement Virtual Marketplace to connect water users with installers and suppliers of non-urban metering and floodplain harvesting measurement equipment.

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Landholders in the northern Murray-Darling Basin who receive a floodplain harvesting access licence must measure water taken from the floodplain, as required by the Water Management (General) Regulation 2018.

The policy enables floodplain harvesting to be accurately measured and water taken in accordance with the individual licensed volumes and legal limits prescribed in the Murray–Darling Basin Plan 2012 and NSW water-sharing plans.

To measure floodplain harvesting, licence holders must install telemetered metering equipment on storages used for floodplain harvesting.

When will I need to install measurement equipment?

Floodplain harvesting measurement rules will roll out across the northern Basin valleys when their water sharing plans commence. Landholders have 12 months from the first time their floodplain harvesting access licences are credited to install primary metering equipment.

If landholders wish to floodplain harvest during this time, they will need to install, as a minimum, a secondary metering device, such as an approved and validated gauge board.

Learn more about secondary metering equipment and how to become measurement ready for floodplain harvesting.

Standards and guidelines to help you understand floodplain harvesting measurement

The following standard and guidelines have been developed to help landholders get measurement ready and ensure that metering equipment is installed and validated in accordance with the Minister’s specifications:


The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) is responsible for overseeing compliance of water take in NSW. Find out more about NRAR's approach to floodplain harvesting compliance.

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Find out more about the Licensing framework for floodplain harvesting measurement, Policy, Water Management (General) Amending Regulation 2022, answer your questions and watch the video below to learn more about the policy.