Measurement equipment approvals for suppliers and vendors

The NSW Government has taken an open market approach to metering and floodplain harvesting measurement and encourages manufacturers and suppliers of metering equipment to supply equipment that complies with the NSW Floodplain harvesting measurement framework.

Storage meter

If you are a vendor seeking to supply storage meters for the storage measurement method and would like your storage meter listed on the department’s website, you will need to provide the following evidence to the department to have your device assessed for suitability:

  • Which meter make and model you distribute
  • Your device specifications and how they align with the Minister’s specifications for storage meters
  • Distributor name
  • Distributors contact email
  • Distributor website link to the meter.

Please send this information to

Point-of-take metering

If you are a vendor seeking to supply metering equipment for the point-of-intake metering method, you will need to follow the approval process of the non-urban metering framework. Meters that comply with the Australian Standards (AS4747) and local intelligence devices that meet the Minister’s specifications will be acceptable. For more information, please see the What suppliers of metering equipment need to know page.

Local intelligence device for floodplain harvesting

A local intelligence device sends data securely from the meter to the NSW Government’s data acquisition service and the landholder. A local intelligence device must meet the technical specifications set out in the NSW Data Logging and Telemetry Specifications 2021. These specifications define the requirements for ensuring a satisfactory level of functionality, data integrity and security for local intelligence devices.

The department maintains a list of local intelligence devices that have been assessed as meeting the Minister’s specifications.

The department’s Market Engagement Policy for Telemetry (PDF, 593.52 KB) describes:

  • how we will engage with providers of telemetry solutions that support the non-urban metering and floodplain harvesting measurement frameworks, and
  • the process and criteria for assessing whether telemetry solutions and on-farm or third-party telemetry systems, can operate within the government’s telemetry system.

The policy also describes the process for confirming that a local intelligence device meets these requirements. If the device does meet these requirements, the department publishes details about it on its website.

If you would like to contact the team, please email