Duly qualified persons for floodplain harvesting metering equipment

Metering equipment used for both floodplain harvesting and non-urban metering water take in NSW must be installed by a duly qualified person. They have the required qualifications, skills or experience to install specific metering equipment. Use this table to identify what type of duly qualified person you will need to install and validate your equipment.

Metering equipmentDuly qualified person required
Survey benchmark installation and validationRegistered surveyor
Class of persons approved by the Minister
Storage curve development and validationRegistered surveyor
Storage meter installation and validation (incl existing) - storage metering measurementCertified storage meter installer and validator (CSV)
Meter installation and validation (incl existing) - point-of-intake meteringCertified meter installer (CMI)
Certified practising hydrographer
Local intelligence device (installation and validation)CMI or CSV
Certified practising hydrographer
Telemetry technician
Secondary metering deviceRegistered surveyor
Registered practising engineer
Class of persons approved by the Minister
Point-of-intake eligibilityCertified practising hydrographer
Registered professional engineer (experience in overland water flow)

Tools for duly qualified persons

The following tools have been developed to assist duly qualified persons with their work.

DQP Portal

The DQP Portal is a web-based tool hosted by WaterNSW. It allows a duly qualified person to:

  • record the steps they have taken to order, install and validate metering equipment on behalf of their client,
  • submit documentation, on behalf of their client, to the Minister confirming that metering equipment has been properly installed and validated, and
  • ensure telemetry is appropriately configured and associated with the correct water licensing information.

WaterNSW has developed training materials for duly qualified persons. These are available in the DQP Portal. For further enquiries please contact dqp.enquiries@waternsw.com.au.