Our commitment to delivering water reform together

In 2018, the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) developed the Compliance Compact for non-urban water metering, which was agreed to by all Basin states. This Compliance Compact includes several requirements, including that all states develop consistent compliance arrangements and practices across the Basin, including the effective measurement of non-urban water take. Within the Compliance Compact, both NSW and QLD are required to develop and publish improved methods for the measurement of floodplain harvesting and overland flow water take.

The department made a commitment to work together with industry and individuals across the Murray–Darling Basin to make sure the measurement and compliance settings for floodplain harvesting are balanced. We made a promise that we would genuinely consider stakeholder feedback and make any necessary changes before the government approved and implemented a final policy.

The Floodplain Harvesting Measurement Policy (2020) is a result of that feedback and a big step forward into a technologically advanced measurement system that delivers a strong and practical approach for industry to put in place.

Further information about the consideration of stakeholder feedback can be found in the consultation outcomes report.