Licensing process

Floodplain harvesting is the capture and use of water flowing across a floodplain. This is an important source of water for industry, particularly in the Northern Murray–Darling Basin areas of NSW.

Floodplain harvesting is the last substantial capture of water to be licensed in the Basin. Bringing floodplain harvesting into the licensing system will improve accounting and compliance of water use in NSW.

Process flow chart

Guideline PDF, 434.91 KB for the implementation of the NSW Floodplain Harvesting Policy.

One-on-one landholder consultation

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment–Water and NRAR held one-on-one consultation sessions with any eligible FPH landholders that lodged a request. The purpose of these one-on-one sessions was to further explain information contained in the letters and the data and information they contained and explain the type of evidence that landholders should provide in a submission to the HFPRC.

The most commonly disputed issues and themes raised in submissions to the review committee include matters relating to storage capacity, channels, pipe and pump size and modelling queries.


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