Healthy Floodplains Review Committee

The NSW Heathy Floodplains Review Committee (HFPRC) was established to analyse issues raised by floodplain harvesting registrants and to provide appropriate advice and recommendations. The key functions of the NSW Heathy Floodplains Review Committee are:

  • Facilitate the orderly and equitable processing of registration of interests in accordance with the NSW Floodplain Harvesting Policy, and
  • Review and assess submissions raised by floodplain harvesting registrants who believe:
    • Their determination of ineligibility for floodplain harvesting entitlement is not correct; or
    • The modelling of floodplain harvesting is not correct, and
  • Provide appropriate advice and make recommendations to the Director Healthy Floodplains Project Implementation, Department of Planning Industry and Environment–Water, regarding resolution of such issues.

The committee consists of five members including a chair, three committee members and an independent advisor. The current composition of the committee is as follows:

  • Independent Chair – Conrad Bolton
  • Member representing the irrigation industry – Mark Winter
  • Member representing the agricultural industry in general – Xavier Martin
  • Member representing environmental groups – Beverley Smiles
  • Independent advisor – Timothy Duddy

Membership to the committee will be through invitation from the Deputy Secretary, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment–Water. The committee continues to meet on an ‘as needed’ basis throughout the delivery of the Healthy Floodplains project.

More information on the NSW Heathy Floodplains Review Committee can be found in the terms of reference PDF, 203.34 KB.