Plans and programs

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    Water efficiency program

    The NSW Government has committed to the development of a state-wide Water Efficiency Framework and Water Efficiency Program.

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    Metropolitan water plans in New South Wales

    Part of a suite of long-term strategies the NSW Government is developing to maintain the resilience of the state’s water resources over the coming decades.

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    Water sharing plans

    Water sharing plans are a statutory obligation under the Water Management Act 2000.

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    Water resource plans

    Water resource plans must be prepared and submitted for assessment to meet our commitment to the Commonwealth's Basin Plan.

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    Floodplain management plan program

    This program provides a strategic planning framework to achieve a coordinated, balanced approach to floodplain management, taking into account hydraulic, environmental and economic considerations, and legislative requirements. It will be applied to areas in the northern basin including the Border Rivers, Gwydir, Namoi, Barwon–Darling and Macquarie valleys.

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    Healthy Floodplains Project

    The healthy floodplains project reforms the management of water on floodplains through the development of plans and licensing of harvesting water extractions.

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    Water recovery programs

    Water recovery projects can provide additional water for productive and environmental purposes.

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    Water and sewerage infrastructure programs

    We administer and implement co-funding programs to assist in the delivery of water and sewerage infrastructure in regional NSW.

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    Regional water strategies in New South Wales

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    Town Water Risk Reduction Program

    A two year program working together with the sector to identify long-term solutions to the key barriers facing Local Water Utilities.