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    Executive team appointed for new independent water regulator

    Another positive step in delivery of the NSW Government’s Water Reform Action Plan was announced today with the appointment of the new executive team for the independent NSW Natural Resources Access Regulator.

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    Have your say water reform consultation in Bourke

    The NSW Department of Industry—Water will meet with the community in Bourke this week to seek input on the NSW Water Reform Action Plan as part of a statewide consultation and community engagement program.

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    Action on NSW water reform

    The Department of Industry—Water has announced the next stage to deliver best practice water management in NSW with the launch of consultation papers.

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    Prosecutions begin for water compliance breaches

    Water NSW has now finalised lengthy investigations into compliance matters and this week they have begun several prosecution proceedings in the NSW Land and Environment Court.

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    Temporary restrictions to flows in the Barwon-Darling River now in force

    The NSW Department of Industry - Water today announced temporary restrictions on A, B and C class water access licences in the Barwon-Darling Unregulated River to protect valuable low flows entering the river.

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    Labor and the Greens fail Basin rivers and people

    The Greens and Labor have hijacked the Murray Darling Basin Plan in the Senate this evening.

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    People over politics to save Basin rivers

    The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government together with the Victorian Labor Government today held an urgent meeting to discuss the options available in their respective states should the Federal Opposition and Greens vote to unwind the historic Murray Darling Basin Plan.

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    Certain Lower Darling trade temporarily closed

    Department of Industry – Water today announced the temporary closure of certain assignment trade into and from the Lower Darling Regulated River Water Source.

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    NSW water reform package

    The NSW Government today announced details of a comprehensive water reform package.

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    Statement from Ken Matthews

    I have submitted the final report of my Independent Investigation into NSW Water Management and Compliance to the Secretary of the NSW Department of Industry.

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