1. Koorainghat dam, near Taree

    Contractor more at fault in first for water regulator

    The Natural Resources Access Regulator is establishing its reputation as firm but fair in its actions to ensure equitable access to water.

  2. NSW Government logo

    Funding announced for Wilcannia Weir

    Commonwealth and NSW Governments put $30 million to Wilcannia Weir upgrade.

  3. Fines issued by NSW water regulator concerned by illegal earthworks

    The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) has fined four landowners in October for illegal earthworks near NSW waterways and is keen to get the message out – you must have controlled activity approval before digging near waterways.

  4. NSW Government logo

    Consultation underway on criteria to protect basin communities

    New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, South Australia and Commonwealth government departments have been working together to determine how efficiency measure projects will be rolled out under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

  5. NSW Government logo

    Report on Lower Darling water security options released

    The NSW Department of Industry – Water today released a report on options for water security in the Lower Darling arising from the proposed Menindee Lakes Water Savings Project.

  6. NSW Government logo

    Rising river alert - Snowy River below Jindabyne Dam

    The NSW Department of Industry today issued a ‘rising river alert’ for the Snowy River between Jindabyne Dam and Dalgety in southern NSW for Wednesday 31 October 2018.

  7. NSW Government logo

    Water regulator takes company to court for alleged breaches at Bundabah

    The Natural Resources Access Regulator has commenced prosecution of a company for unlawful activities on waterfront land at Bundabah, near Tea Gardens.

  8. NSW Government logo

    Gwydir Water Resource Plan launched for public exhibition

    The NSW Government has launched the Gwydir Surface Water Resource Plan for public exhibition from 18 October 2018.

  9. NSW Government logo

    NSW Government calls for conditions on efficiency measures

    The NSW Government, in line with the Victorian Government is calling for on the Commonwealth to include key criteria when developing socio-economic measures to protect regional communities in any further water recovery under the Basin Plan, post 2019.

  10. NSW Government logo

    Water regulator sends strong message

    The NSW water regulator has sent a clear message to the community that lying to its investigators will not be tolerated, after a case heard at Walgett Local Court this week.

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