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    Call for submissions on Water Management Regulation

    Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Water is exhibiting proposed amendments to the Water Management (General) Regulation 2011, and is inviting submissions and feedback from stakeholders online.

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    Statement from Ken Matthews August 2017

    Today I start the review that I have been commissioned to do by the NSW Government.

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    Appointment of independent review

    Minister for Regional Water, Niall Blair has announced the appointment of Ken Matthews AO to conduct an independent investigation into the issues raised by the ABC’s 4 Corners program on 24 July, 2017.

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    Response to ABC 4 Corners

    The NSW Government remains committed to the Murray Darling Basin Plan, while seeking the best deal for NSW communities within that framework.

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    ABC 4 Corners program

    The NSW Government is committed to the sustainable and equitable management of the State’s water resources, including strong and effective compliance.

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    Response to ABC 4 Corners inquiry

    The Murray Darling Basin (MDB) is Australia's most important agricultural region and produces one-third of the country's food supply. As with other complex river systems around the world, there are a wide variety of competing uses for a variable and limited supply of water. Governance arrangements to resolve these competing uses in the interests of all Australians continue to evolve in response to the complexity of the MDB system.

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