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    Certain Lower Darling trade temporarily closed

    Department of Industry – Water today announced the temporary closure of certain assignment trade into and from the Lower Darling Regulated River Water Source.

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    Statement from Ken Matthews

    I have submitted the final report of my Independent Investigation into NSW Water Management and Compliance to the Secretary of the NSW Department of Industry.

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    Ken Matthews’ final report into water management and compliance

    Ken Matthews AO issued his final report on water management and compliance in New South Wales.

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    New legislation to shake up NSW water compliance and enforcement

    Today marks a major milestone in the reform of management of water in NSW, with the passing of the Natural Resources Access Regulator Bill 2017.

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    New Deputy Secretary for Crown Lands & Water

    The NSW Department of Industry today announced Liz Livingstone will be the Deputy Secretary for the newly created Crown Lands and Water Division.

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    Statement: Resignation of Gavin Hanlon

    The Secretary of the NSW Department of Industry, Mr. Simon Smith, today accepted the resignation of Mr. Gavin Hanlon, former Deputy Director General at DPI Water.

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    Ken Matthews' statement on interim report

    Ken Matthews' announcement regarding his interim report for Independent Investigation into NSW Water Management and Compliance

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    Minister Blair's response to Matthews' interim report

    Ken Matthews’ interim report into water administration and compliance in NSW has been received by the NSW Government.Minister for Regional Water, Niall Blair, thanked Mr Matthews and his team for undertaking such a thorough and comprehensive investigation so quickly.

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    Update on Matthews' review of water issues in NSW

    Mr Matthews has completed information gathering for the interim report, and the drafting of this is close to completion.

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    Public consultation extended for Snowy Water Licence

    The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has extended the consultation period on the Snowy Water Licence until Friday, 13 October to allow further input from stakeholders.

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