Public consultation extended for Snowy Water Licence

Media release | 25 August 2017

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has extended the consultation period on the Snowy Water Licence until Friday, 13 October to allow further input from stakeholders.

Kristin Morris, DPI Water Director Water Reform and Coordination, said the additional time will allow DPI Water to engage with all key stakeholder groups, reflecting the NSW Government’s commitment to the review.

“Key to the review is receiving feedback from a range of the Snowy Water Licence’s stakeholders, and to do this it will be important for stakeholders to be able connect with DPI Water for more detailed discussions,” she said.

“The feedback so far has been very useful, and DPI Water would like to hear from as many stakeholders as possible. This extension will allow for additional or more detailed submissions.”

The review focuses on Snowy Hydro Limited’s obligations under the licence, which fall into three broad categories; increased flows, water release requirements and administrative obligations.

“It will also consider Snowy Hydro Limited’s performance in meeting the conditions of the licence,” Ms Morris said.

All matters raised in submissions that are consistent with the review’s Terms of Reference will be considered, whether based on scientific, technical, historical, anecdotal or other origins.

Once the review process is complete, a summary of submissions will be made available to the public.

For more information about the Snowy Water Licence Review, the Terms of Reference or to make a submission, visit Water.

A copy of the key documentation is also available for inspection at DPI Water offices in Queanbeyan, Parramatta and Orange until 13 October 2017.