Namoi water restrictions eased

Media release | 28 November 2018

Temporary water restrictions for general security water users in both the Upper and Lower Namoi regulated river water source have been eased, Department of Industry – Water Executive Director, Rachel Connell announced today.

“The easing of the water restriction in Namoi Valley has been made possible following 40 mm of rain across the catchment, replenishing weir pools and soaking the dry river bed,” Ms Connell said.

“This much needed rainfall will provide temporary relief from high transmission losses during the current water delivery by block release.

“However, it must be stressed that the drought affecting the Namoi Valley has not ended and difficult water shortage conditions remain widespread,” she said.

Customers can now extract any water they have ordered on or before 5 November 2018.Trade of general security allocations in the Lower Namoi remains closed due to water shortage conditions.

While the 15 percent restriction in the Upper Namoi water source has been lifted, Lower Namoi general security water orders submitted after 5 November still cannot be accepted due to the lack of water.

Town water supplies for Manilla and Barraba from Split Rock Dam are secure for 2019/20, however delivery of water to Walgett from Keepit Dam will be delayed to avoid very high transmission losses over the long river distance.

“Water levels in Namoi Valley storages have been falling since October 2017 as the catchment has experienced low rainfall and high temperature drought conditions.

“We are committed to being responsive in assessing and distributing improvements in water availability at this difficult time and this rain event, though small, has been very helpful,” Ms Connell said.

Catchment and water availability will continue to be closely monitored and updates provided as the situation changes.