Independent review commences into MDBA constraints modelling

News | 4 October 2019

An independent review of the MDBA modelling of constraints has commenced following the appointment of an expert panel based on terms of reference by the Victorian and NSW water ministers.

Victoria and NSW decided to establish the panel at the August 2019 Basin Plan Ministerial Council meeting.

Victoria and NSW agreed to appoint independent experts to undertake the review of modelling of constraints flows to understand whether constraints projects can be delivered in a real world context, create transparency and to confirm ecological outcomes.

The review has been commissioned to address concerns expressed by communities across the basin in regard to impacts of proposed higher environmental flows on their land and businesses, the extend of ecological benefit and the ability to manage or limit the delivery of higher flows to the targeted rates.

Below are links to the agreed Terms of Reference for the Constraints review.

A second independent review was also agreed to at the August Ministerial Council meeting, by all water Ministers to establish an independent panel to peer-review the Murray River Capacity Risks Project to understand whether it is addressing the right tasks to the appropriate standard and timeframes.

Agreement on members of this panel and its terms of reference are being finalised. Details will be published once available.

The Terms of Reference and further information on the Independent Expert Panel for Constraints Modelling can be viewed on the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) webpage.

View further information on NSW constraints management.