Call for submissions on Water Management Regulation

Media release | 9 August 2017

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Water is exhibiting proposed amendments to the Water Management (General) Regulation 2011, and is inviting submissions and feedback from stakeholders online.

The Water Management Act 2000 outlines a framework for the sustainable management of water in NSW. General regulations are made under the Act to support its implementation.

DPI Water Director Mr Frank Garofalow said the Regulation is being amended to reduce duplication and cut red tape.

“The Water Management (General) Regulation 2011 is due to automatically lapse on 1

September 2018, and DPI Water is proposing to remake it with amendments,” Mr Garofalow said.

“The focus of many of the proposed amendments is to reduce duplication and cut red

tape by establishing additional exemptions from approval requirements.

“It is important to remake the Regulation because it supports the operation of the Act by specifying procedural matters for access licences and approvals, and certain functions and powers of water supply authorities.

“DPI Water is inviting submissions and feedback on the proposed amendments, with all details available on our website.”

The regulation will be exhibited until 3 September 2017 and submissions can be made online.