ABC 4 Corners program

Media release | 24 July 2017

The NSW Government is committed to the sustainable and equitable management of the State’s water resources, including strong and effective compliance.

NSW continues to push for pragmatic decision making in all aspects of the Basin Plan.

Strong and effective compliance is a critical component to the NSW Government’s overall management of water resources.

DPI Water will cross check allegations made by ABC 4 Corners regarding compliance and any issues regarding the Barwon Darling catchment and implementation of the Basin Plan.

DPI Water refutes the claims it lost its appetite for compliance and works closely with water enforcement authorities to achieve prosecutions where adverse activities are detected and proven.

Targeted and broad consultation with industry, communities and experts underscores the State’s approach to ensure views of all parties are captured.

The State remains committed to the Murray Darling Basin Plan and to ensuring it is delivered in a way that balances economic, environmental and socio-economic concerns, and puts local communities front and centre. The commitment of all States to the Murray Darling Basin Plan was confirmed at a recent meeting of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), where Ministers welcomed the COAG plan for delivering the Basin Plan package developed by the Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council.