Overview of the non-urban water metering framework

A robust metering framework to improve the standard and coverage of non-urban water meters across NSW commenced on 1 December 2018.

Licensed water users will be required to install compliant metering equipment on works that meet the metering thresholds, by their roll-out date.

The metering framework includes:

The policy explains the requirements of the new framework. The Act and regulation give legal effect to the new framework.

Latest updates - October 2020:

1 December 2020 rollout date for large water users

New non-urban metering rules take effect from 1 December 2020 for licence and approval holders of surface water pumps 500mm or greater in size.

In October 2020, we made calls to primary approval holders who will be impacted to check in on their awareness of the new rules and actions they need to take to comply.

The results of the phone calls suggest that there is a very high level of awareness, understanding and support for the metering reforms. Most water users are also confident in their ability to comply by the 1 December deadline, but some are concerned about lead times for shipping and installing the necessary equipment.

We encourage impacted water users to act now to order equipment and book installers.

The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) expects water users to show they have taken reasonable steps to become compliant by the deadline. If you haven’t already done so act now to engage your local meter installer and order the appropriate equipment.

More information

To help water users to get ready, we encourage you to read this leaflet with information you need to know about the metering rules, including:

  • whether the rules apply to you
  • what you need to do by your ‘rollout date’
  • what you need to do on an ongoing basis

NRAR has also published its compliance approach to the metering regulations. NRAR has outlined its expectations of water users and described its approach to enforcing the metering rules, including in situations where a person cannot comply because of issues beyond their control

Frequently asked questions by Duly Qualified Persons (DQPs)

This updated fact sheet (PDF 539.9 KB) answers questions commonly asked by duly qualified persons (DQPs). The answers supplement other information about the NSW non-urban water metering framework.

Roll-out dates

The metering framework is being rolled out in a staged manner over five years.

Water users will need to ensure that they have compliant metering equipment by the relevant roll-out date, shown below:

Roll-out dates diagram