Overview of the non-urban water metering framework

A robust metering framework to improve the standard and coverage of non-urban water meters across NSW commenced on 1 December 2018.

Licensed water users will be required to install compliant metering equipment on works that meet the metering thresholds, by their roll-out date.

The metering framework includes:

The policy explains the requirements of the new framework. The Act and regulation give legal effect to the new framework.

Latest updates - June 2020:

  • Compatible local intelligence devices (LIDs) Two new LIDs included have been included on the list of compatible devices for water users. Testing has recently been undertaken of the ‘Captis Multi’ and ‘Captis Pulse’ LIDs which demonstrated that these LIDs meet the requirements under the Data Logging and Telemetry Specifications.. Water users who are interested in ordering a listed telemetry device should contact their local DQP to discuss the installation process.
  • Pattern approved meters—the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has published an updated list of pattern approved non-urban water meters. This updated list now includes pattern approved closed conduit meters ranging from 25 mm to 1800 mm.
  • Government owned meters—We recognise affected water users want certainty ahead of their metering rollout dates and affected water users will be contacted directly once further information is available.
  • Accuracy testing of non-urban water meters— A best practice guide for duly qualified persons performing in-situ accuracy testing on non-urban water meters in NSW is now completed and available for DQPs via the Irrigation Australia website
  • DQP Portal up and running – The DQP Portal is the starting and ongoing entry point for DQPs to assist water users to:
    • register intent to order and install a new or replacement Local Intelligence Device (LID)
    • notify completion of configuration, installation, and testing of the LID
    • generate the Validation Certificate to notify the water user, and, on behalf of the water user, notify DPIE, NRAR, and WaterNSW, that the telemetered meter installation is compliant.

The Portal is maintained and supported by WaterNSW.

The Water Renewal Taskforce will cease operations on 30 June 2020. The Department of Planning, Industry & Environment – Water, NRAR and WaterNSW will continue to work together, and continue to engage with stakeholders, throughout the implementation of these reforms. The metering web pages will continue to be updated. Please note the Water Reform mailbox, water.reform@industry.nsw.gov.au, will no longer be monitored. Please refer all your metering policy and governance issues to water.relations@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Roll-out dates

The metering framework is being rolled out in a staged manner over five years.

Water users will need to ensure that they have compliant metering equipment by the relevant roll-out date, shown below:

Roll-out dates diagram