Government owned meter transition scheme

    In late 2019, the NSW Government confirmed it would transition all government-owned meters on private land to private ownership, and that it would consult with affected water users to develop a meter transition scheme.

Why does government want to transition meters to private ownership?

    The vast majority of meters on private land in NSW are privately owned. However some landholders have meters that were installed under previous government funded projects. These meters are government owned.

    While the NSW Government acknowledges that there are different views on meter ownership, transitioning all meters to private ownership will ensure consistent policy across the state, provide clear compliance responsibilities, and allow water users to choose metering equipment that suits their needs.


    Proposed public exhibition and information sessions planned for February 2020 on a draft meter transition scheme have been postponed.

    We will update this page when further information becomes available.

    The NSW Government reaffirms its commitment to consulting with affected water users before any changes are made.

November 2019 roundtable discussions

In November 2019 the department, together with WaterNSW, held roundtable discussions with water user representatives from the Southern Basin, Bega and the Hawkesbury Nepean.

The purpose of the discussions was to provide preliminary information about the scope and intent of the scheme and to seek feedback from the water user representatives on key aspects of the scheme, including water user protections, timing of transfer, and engagement with water users.

This What we heard - roundtable discussions, November 2019 document summarises what we heard during the roundtable discussions.

Further information

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