Funding announcement

The NSW and Australian Governments have committed to fund a $36.1M suite of programs to support water users’ uptake of metering and telemetry and help realise the benefits of non-urban metering across NSW.


Telemetry rebate program

An $18 million telemetry rebate program, jointly funded by NSW and Australian Governments, to provide financial relief for water users and encourage water users to use telemetry to transmit their water take information. The rebate will be applied as a $975 credit on a water user's bill when they connect to the NSW Government's telemetry system, and will be backdated to include water users who have already connected.

Government-owned meter program

A $14.6 million government owned meter program, funded by the NSW Government, to ensure that government owned meters meet the standards under NSW’s non-urban metering rules.

First Nations metering traineeship program

A $1 million program First Nations metering traineeship program, funded by the Australian Government, to provide opportunities for First Nations people to participate in the water management industry and increase supply of skilled metering installers, as demand for these services increases.

Northern Basin field program

A $2.5 million field program, funded by the Australian Government, to showcase the benefits of metering and telemetry in the Northern Basin.

These programs will commence in 2021-22. Further details about these programs will be released shortly.