Transitioning to telemetry and the new data acquisition service (DAS)

With the DAS now being ready for the next phase of rollout, we will continue working with duly qualified persons (DQPs), telemetry device manufacturers and water user associations to ensure the transition to this new system is as smooth as possible.

We will use this page to regularly communicate information and updates with you, including any changes caused by the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

The new Data Acquisition Service (DAS)

The latest version of the DAS now provides core user functionality that enables:

  • a DQP to register a listed local intelligence device (LID) so that it can be properly configured, installed and begin securely transmitting meter data to the DAS platform.
  • a water user to setup and access their own private dashboard to view data that is being transmitted from their metering equipment.

Further updates of the DAS will continue to improve on this core functionality and will be released over the coming months. These will improve user functionality and performance as well as responding to any issues that may arise during piloting and early implementation.

The rollout date for the first round of water users requiring LIDs and telemetry is 1 December 2020 and the user base of the DAS will progressively increase up until 1 December 2023, when the final metering rollout date comes into effect.

The following sample images highlight some of the basic elements of the DQP Portal and DAS user dashboard platform.

Figure 1: Sample view of DQP Portal login page