NSW non-urban water metering framework

Funding for metering programs

New programs to support uptake of metering and telemetry. Find out about the programs.

The NSW Government is committed to implementing a robust metering framework to improve the standard and coverage of non‑urban water meters across NSW. This is an important step in helping to build community confidence in how the state’s water is managed.

The new non‑urban water metering framework began in December 2018 and will be implemented through a staged roll-out over five years.

The NSW Government has adjusted the first three start dates for the metering rules. While the Government remains committed to rolling out the metering rules, severe drought conditions made it impossible for most water users to meet their obligations by the deadline. The Government has also made a number of minor amendments to the metering rules.

View the latest metering updates

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    New reporting rules for metered water users

    The NSW Government is introducing new reporting rules for some metered non-urban water users on 1 March 2021. Learn more.

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    Overview of the non-urban water metering framework

    Information and regular updates about the metering rules being rolled out across NSW.

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    Metering requirements and specifications

    Technical information about metering equipment including how to access the list of pattern approved meters, report faulty meters, register an inactive work and the maintenance specifications water users and duly qualified persons must follow.

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    Information about telemetry requirements, market engagement and compatible telemetry devices and solutions.

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    Forms, certificates and fact sheets

    Fact sheets, best practice guides, and the approved forms water users and duly qualified persons must complete and submit to the government.

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    Previous community consultation

    Read an overview of the actions taken by the government following the 2019 Roadshow and access reports and submissions following previous metering consultations.

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    Contacts and additional information

    Contact information for duly qualified persons, other organisations involved in metering and web links to the Department's Drought Hub.

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    Government-owned meters

    The NSW Government recognises that there are different views about who should own existing government-owned meters. Consultation on this issue has highlighted that the vast majority of water users with government-owned meters would prefer that WaterNSW retains these meters. The NSW Government has listened to this feedback and has decided that WaterNSW will retain ownership of these meters.