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Alliance to protect, restore and promote the Nimmie-Caira

Cooperation between Aboriginal, government, conservation and academic groups has resulted in the Nimmie- Caira Land and Water Management Plan. As part of the $180 million Nimmie-Caira project, the plan will protect and maintain the environmental and indigenous cultural assets of the area.

The Nimmie-Caira project area is 84,417 hectares in the lower reaches of the Murrumbidgee River floodplain between Maude and Balranald, in south western NSW. It’s leased and managed by the Nari Nari Tribal Council, The Nature Conservancy, Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group and the Centre for Ecosystem Science, University of New South Wales. This consortium will manage the site under the Land and Water Management Plan linked to the land title.

Since the consortium started managing the property twelve months ago, it’s actioned projects including:

  • modifying existing irrigation channels to allow environmental water to flow into Yanga National Park
  • delivering 400kms of pipeline and the associated water pump stations, bores, tanks and troughs
  • Spending $340K to save and protect wetland dependent threatened species in Gayini wetlands.
  • Pest management, and targeted weed control of around 100 km of roads and banks

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