Review of inter-valley trade from the Peel to Lower Namoi

The department commissioned an independent review of the issues and options for permanent and temporary trade between the Peel and Lower Namoi regulated water sources.

The review considered a range of issues associated with trade, including:

  • Stakeholders feedback
  • Water availability and impacts
  • Impact on water charges
  • Potential for impact on long-term average annual extraction limits (LTAAEL) and sustainable diversion limits (SDL)
  • Consideration of sleeper licences
  • Social and economic impacts
  • Demand for trade
  • Feasibility and practicality of implementation

The review made two findings:

  1. The current permanent trade arrangements provide a reasonable balance between impacts in the Peel and Lower Namoi regulated systems, compared to other potential models for inter-valley trade.
  2. The administrative and operational costs and the overall benefits of inter-valley trade should be reviewed and consideration given to whether ceasing inter-valley trade until there is a demonstrated level of demand for trade is appropriate.

The department is now considering these findings.

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