Coastal Harvestable Rights Review

Farm dam, near Armidale in the New England region.

The NSW Government is committed to ongoing engagement with communities and businesses about improving access to water.

The department began a review of harvestable right limits in coastal-draining areas of NSW in 2016 and undertook community consultation in early 2021 encouraging the community to submit their feedback on a discussion paper outlining key issues involved with an increase in limits.

The department also ran a stakeholder survey to fill information gaps and gain insight into likely landholder responses to an increase in harvestable right limits. Over 50 submissions and 136 survey responses were received.

What we heard

A 'What We Heard report' has been released highlighting the key themes from community consultation. Stakeholder feedback and the government’s response are included in the report.

Download report

For further information on changes to coastal harvestable right limits visit increase of harvestable right limits in coastal-draining catchments.

Survey responses

See the dashboard of survey responses.

Note: Appendix A of the What We Heard report provides important information about how the survey results can be interpreted and used. The survey dashboard presents only part of the picture and should be considered in conjunction with the remainder of the What We Heard report, which also reports on information provided during discussions and in written submissions.

Review documents

Below are the documents provided during the public consultation to assist the community with making a submission.

If you require assistance in reading these documents, please contact +61 2 9338 6600 or

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