A controlled activity approval is required to authorise the carrying out of a controlled activity.

The purpose of an approval is to ensure that controlled activities are carried out in a way which avoids or minimises negative impacts on waterfront land and other water users.

Regulating controlled activities protects waterfront land and its important natural functions whilst supporting appropriate private development and community infrastructure.

Are there exemptions?

You do not need a controlled activity approval if an exemption applies, such as:

  • for major projects which are state significant development or state significant infrastructure
  • in certain circumstances specified in the regulations, for example:
    • activities carried out by public authorities
    • activities carried out by network operators in certain circumstances
    • certain types of activities to enable a person to take water under their domestic and stock rights, such as installing a water pump and water pipe
    • constructing and using a harvestable rights dam
    • activities relating to a residential dwelling in certain circumstances.

For more information, see fact sheet: Controlled activity approval exemptions (PDF, 503.86 KB).

One of the controlled activity exemptions in clause 36 of Schedule 4 of the Regulation only applies within certain waterfront land shown in maps which are published on the department’s website. These maps are published below.

How do I apply for an approval?

For information, go to Approval applications & fees.