Understanding water user behaviour in the Intersecting Streams water sources

This survey will be open for responses until Friday 2 December 2022.

Purpose of the survey

The department is conducting a survey of water licence holders in the Intersecting Streams water sources to better understand water user behaviour which will inform the management of the system.

NSW has committed to investigating options for recognising held environmental water (HEW) in the Intersecting Streams water sources to achieve instream environmental outcomes and protect it if it reaches the Barwon-Darling River.

That’s why the department is undertaking a survey of water licence holders to confirm our assumptions on extraction behaviour by water users (and the low risk to environmental water). The department is interested in understanding water user behaviour and on-farm infrastructure and the kind of seasonal decisions that are being made which determine annual water usage.

This data you provide will also be used to inform loss modelling for this project and the further development of the model generally. This data is not being collected in association with any compliance and enforcement activities.

A fact sheet (PDF, 55.36 KB) with further background information is available.

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