Relaxing constraints in the Murray–Darling Basin

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has proposed a strategy to manage constraints as part of the implementation of the Basin Plan.

A constraint is any rule or structure which limits the volume or timing of the delivery of environmental water. Constraints can include physical structures, river management practices, and operational limits to river heights.

Work completed by the MDBA has shown that while easing constraints will not result in the recovery of additional water, it will allow better outcomes to be achieved through the use of environmental water. This uses environmental water more efficiently, so helps reduce the quantity of water which needs to be recovered or delivered to achieve environmental outcomes.

NSW is progressing projects in the southern Basin that manage physical constraints through supply measure projects and those that are rules based through implementation of prerequisite policy measures.

In the northern Basin NSW is considering constraints management as part of the northern Basin toolkit and consideration of implementation of active management in some northern Basin unregulated rivers to achieve better management of environmental water.More information on relaxing constraints in NSW.

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