What's new

This fact sheet has information about the rules being introduced in the Macquarie-Bogan to implement active management.

From 1 July 2020, the water sharing plan for unregulated water sources in the Macquarie-Bogan will include new rules for active management. Active management will ensure that releases of held environmental water and water from the Macquarie Environmental Water Allowance Sub-Allowance 2 (active) remain in the river to achieve intended environmental outcomes.

Active management changes when and how much licence holders can pump when held environmental water and releases from the Macquarie Environmental Water Allowance Sub-Allowance 2 (active) are present in the river. It also changes how licence holders find out if, when and how much they can pump during an environmental water release.

Active management rules in the Macquarie-Bogan apply in the Lower Macquarie River Water Source and Lower Marthaguy Creek management zones.

How to comply

This fact sheet helps licence holders in the Macquarie understand if they are affected and what they must do to comply with the new rules.

On 1 July 2020 the Macquarie-Bogan unregulated water sharing plan will have new rules to ensure that water for the environment remains in the river. The new rules commence 1 December 2020.

Licence holders in the Macquarie-Bogan will receive a new issue of their water access licence and water supply works approval that contain updated mandatory conditions that align with the new rules. The new conditions apply from the day they are received. Licence holders must comply.