Better management of water for the environment

Under the Water Reform Action Plan (WRAP), the NSW Government committed to a program that worked towards the better management of water for the environment. The WRAP outlined three key actions that would provide the roadmap for reform of environmental water management:

  • Establish an Interagency Working Group (IWG) to develop solutions to improve the management of environmental water
  • Have the IWG present interim solutions within 90 days of commencement
  • Publish explanatory materials on the department’s website so everyone has access to information on the WRAP, its progress and products.
  1. waterdrop

    Interagency Working Group and the Interim Solutions Package

    Working collaboratively with the department to guide the delivery of the better management of environmental water program.

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    Reporting on progress

    An overview of the proposed solutions, progress to date and key deliverables.

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    Interim solutions to better manage environmental water

    Read about the interim solutions proposed by the IWG.

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    Environmental water reforms

    Learn about the reforms, active management, resumption of flows and the limiting of daily water take.