Public register of water information

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The NSW Government is committed to improving transparency about how we share, allocate and manage water.

That’s why we’re developing a ‘one stop shop’ model for increasing the accessibility, availability and usability of water-related information. This follows broad stakeholder consultation, including the release of a discussion paper in 2018 Transparency measures Consultation paper which indicated that there is strong support for a single register of information about non-urban water.

Currently, there are multiple water information registers owned by different government agencies.

Registers currently available

  • Water Access Licence Register: (maintained by Land Registry Services) gives information on water access licences in New South Wales, including share component, extraction component, source, conditions and ownership.
  • NSW Water Register: (maintained by Water NSW): provides information about water licences, approvals, applications for approval which are advertised, water trading, water dealings, environmental water and other matters related to water entitlements in NSW. It brings together information from WaterNSW’s other public registers.
  • Commonwealth Environmental Water Holdings: (maintained by the Commonwealth Environment Water Holder) provides information about Commonwealth Holdings in each catchment.