Frequently asked questions

What’s in it for me?

Bore owner:

As a bore owner, you will receive a bore condition and water quality report. This will help you make management decisions as well as understand how much your bore has changed as a result of the projects occurring throughout the GAB

The project may identify issues within a bore that through early action may mitigate future issues.

The bore survey information will inform funding priorities for future cap and pipe the bores programs.

The information provided may also identify your bore as being a high priority for future investment.

NSW Government:

The government will use the information to understand the changes investment programs have made to the GAB resource and will use the information to prioritise future investment.

Why is this project needed? 

Water pressure across the GAB has declined since the 1950s and several projects and millions of dollars have been invested to make the GAB a sustainably used resource.

Bore pressure, flow and water quality have changed as a result of these works.

Bores surveyed provide information to the farmer and to decision makers on bore and wider GAB health. This allows us to direct funding to where it is most effective.

The bore survey information helps to assess pressure recovery, prioritise future infrastructure and water management strategies and funding for the GAB.

What information is gathered?

Information collected will include

  • bore integrity risks
  • uncontrolled leaks
  • water quality
  • current and predicted flowing bores.
  • And other relevant condition information.

Photos will be taken, but all information and data collected will be shared with the landholder and maintained with confidentiality within our systems.

Will I be notified prior to you coming onto my property?

Yes. The team will contact you at least a week before the surveyors will be in your area. We will contact you on all available contacts we have and will ensure surveyors provide 24 hour notice before attending the property.

Due to weather condition, access issues and other potential delays, surveyors may need to delay their planned visit. Landholders will be kept informed of any changes.

What will the project achieve?

Bore capping programs such as the Cap and Pipe the Bores Program have increased pressure across the GAB.

We need to collect bore information to assess the changes in bores as a result of these project, to prioritise future infrastructure and plan water management strategies.

What does a bore survey involve?

A bore survey involves:

  • visually inspecting bore and water distribution infrastructure
  • measuring water pressure, flow and level, and emissions
  • collecting water samples
  • testing water quality
  • collecting general information about historical and future water use requirements
  • taking geo-tagged photos.

Surveyors will also ask landholders questions to assess historic bore discharges and future domestic and stock requirements.

Landholders will receive a bore condition and water quality report.

Who will carry out the survey?

The bore surveys will be carried out by self-insured contractors. Surveyors will adhere to any conditions of entry specified when entering a property.

All surveyors will be bound by employment contracts and will carry individual identification.

Are all bores being surveyed?

No, only around 400 bores identified in the preliminary assessment will be surveyed during this project. We also have a large scientific data record of new and replaced bores.

When will the survey take place?

After completing a registration form, our project team will be in contact to confirm consent and confirm timings and access requirements before visiting your property.

Consent forms must be completed before February 2022.

Is the survey free?

Yes, the survey is free of charge. The full cost of each survey is covered by the Department of Planning and Environment–Water.

What will happen to my personal information?

Your personal information will be held and managed as per the Privacy Act and conforming to all NSW Department of Planning and Environment processes and procedures.

Your information will be passed onto contractors involved in the Bore Survey Project who will have signed a confidentiality agreement with the department. You can also request that the department update this information if you believe it is incorrect and we can provide you with information regarding the storage, collection and use of your personal information at any time on request.

Bore survey data will be combined with other records to form a scientific evaluation of NSW bores that access the GAB. Contact details will not be made public and individual bore data will not be published with any identifying characteristics.

Are you working with NRAR?

No. The bore survey is not a regulatory exercise and the information is specifically designed to help the landholder know more about their bores and to drive the direction of future government funding aimed at the sustainability of the GAB.

What other projects are being carried out?

The NSW Government and the Australian Government have jointly committed $22.1 million in funding to the Improving Great Artesian Basin (GAB) Drought Resilience (IGABDR) project, a four-year program that will improve water security and drought resilience for GAB landholders within NSW.

More information about the IGABDR project can be found on the project website.