Draft Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan 2018

The Draft Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan 2018 was developed by the Australian, state and territory governments in consultation with the Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee, who represent communities, landholders, water users and the various industries operating in the Basin.

This plan builds on the objectives, outcomes and activities of the previous Strategic Management Plan, which was in operation for 15 years until September 2015, and will set the future vision for the Great Artesian Basin.

The draft plan includes seven guiding principles for managing the Great Artesian Basin to achieve economic, environmental, cultural and social outcomes.

  • coordinated governance
  • maintaining the health of the Basin
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural values
  • secure and managed access
  • judicious use of water
  • information and knowledge management
  • educating water users on the Basin.

Implementation of the plan

Once the plan has been finalised, it will be implemented over a 15 year period until to 2033. The plan takes a principle-based approach to guide governments, industry and communities in managing the emerging issues and opportunities together.

The draft plan was on public exhibition in July to and October 2018.