Great Artesian Basin

The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) is one of the largest and deepest underground freshwater resources in the world. It lies below 22 percent of Australia, extending into Queensland, South Australia, NSW and Northern Territory. Nearly 25 per cent of NSW is covered by the GAB.

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    Draft Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan 2018

    The draft Strategic Management Plan 2018 builds on the objectives, outcomes and activities of the previous plan, and will set the future vision for the basin.

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    Cap & Pipe the Bores Program

    The Cap and Pipe the Bores program provides financial incentives to landholders to rehabilitate bores and install efficient piped water schemes. The program started in 1999, and to date has saved about 80 gigalitres of water wastage per year through bore rehabilitation, installed 18,000 kilometres of piping, and removed over 10,000 kilometres of bore drains.

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    Great Artesian Basin Springs Project

    The Great Artesian Basin springs project seeks to ground-truth springs in the NSW extent of the Basin and collect hydrogeological and ecological data. The results will increase our knowledge of the Great Artesian Basin and its springs and therefore help improve management of the Basin.

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    Great Artesian Basin Bore Survey Project

    The Great Artesian Basin Bore Survey Project gathers information on bores in NSW that access the Great Artesian Basin. This information helps to assess pressure recovery and prioritise future infrastructure and water management strategies and funding for the Basin, such as the Cap and Pipe the Bores Program. It also informs the renewal of the Water Sharing Plan for the Basin.