Basins & catchments

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Our department plays an important role in researching and reporting on rivers, groundwater and catchment health.

We are developing detailed catchment description reports, initially for the major inland regulated river valleys and later covering the whole state. The reports include information such as climate, hydrology, environmental aspects, land use, water resources, regulating structures and water resource management.

  1. Murray Darling Basin

    The Murray-Darling Basin is the catchment for the Murray and Darling Rivers and all their tributaries, covering most of inland NSW and extending from Queensland to South Australia.

  2. Great Artesian Basin

    The Great Artesian Basin lies beneath 22 per cent of Australia - including 12 per cent of New South Wales. One of the largest groundwater basins in the world it is often the only reliable source of stock water in the far west of the state.

  3. Snowy River

    The upper catchments of the Snowy River Basin are in south-east NSW. Of the lower catchments, 50 per cent are in north-eastern Victoria. The NSW portion of the catchment area is 9,070 square kilometres.

  4. Menindee Lakes

    Read about what the NSW Government is doing to return Menindee lakes to a more natural flow regime.

  5. Catchment snapshots

    Find out about the water resources and water management issues, including real-time water data in all New South Wales catchments.