Usage dashboard

The Usage dashboard is an initiative by NSW Department of Industry to bring greater transparency to the water markets participants in relation to information on water usage by licence holders. This dashboard displays metered water usage for all regulated rivers, Barwon-Darling river (unregulated river) and Major Alluvial groundwater sources. The tabs within this dashboard are:

  • Regulated Basin
  • Regulated Water Source
  • Regulated River Section
  • Regulated River Licence Category
  • Barwon-Darling
  • Groundwater
  • Regulated River - Monthly
  • Regulated River - Daily

This dashboard is presented in Tableau to enable user interaction and allow customisation of report to suit the user’s needs.

Despite all endeavours to ensure that the data used to produce this dashboard is timely and accurate, NSW Department of Industry accepts no liability resulting from the use of information contained in this dashboard. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the use of information in this dashboard is appropriate for the user’s intended purpose.

Currently, NSW Department of Industry updates this dashboard weekly. The date of update is shown on the first page of the dashboard. The underlying data on the dashboard can be downloaded by clicking the download icon link in the lower right corner of the toolbar. Users should also read the explanatory notes below the dashboard before relying on this dashboard.

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