Temporary water restrictions for Macquarie Regulated River system

Media release | 4 September 2018

A temporary water restriction now applies to general security water users in the Macquarie regulated river water source, Department of Industry, Director for Water Analytics, Ms Danielle Baker announced today.

“Unprecedented low inflows to the Macquarie regulated river system means that there is insufficient water remaining in storage to deliver all water currently in private accounts.

“Access to 30 per cent of the 1 July account balance of general security entitlement holders in the Macquarie regulated river water source is therefore restricted.

“All other licence categories that access water from the Macquarie regulated water source are not affected by this restriction,” she said.

While trade is not affected, 30 per cent of water purchased from Macquarie general security entitlement holders this 2018/19 water year will not be available for use until conditions improve and the restriction can be lifted.

The restriction does not apply to water associated with the Cudgegong regulated river water source.

“Catchment and water availability conditions are being closely monitored and restrictions will be eased as soon as possible.

“In the meantime, Macquarie general security water users can plan to have up to 70 per cent of their 1 July 2018 account balance, plus 70 per cent of their trade-in water from other Macquarie general security water users delivered in 2018/19,” Ms Baker said.

This temporary water restriction remains in force until 30 June 2019, unless it is repealed or modified as a result of increased catchment inflows.

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