Temporary water restrictions

Darling River in Bourke, New South Wales. Image courtesy of Destination NSW.

Summary of current temporary water restrictions

The tables below give a summary of current temporary water restrictions for regulated river, unregulated river and groundwater water sources.

More information on a water source restriction can be found by selecting the temporary water restriction notice listed in the table.

Information regarding expired or repealed temporary water restrictions in 2019/20 is also available.

Fact sheets

Northern Basin and Barwon-Darling restrictions on river and overland flows

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Temporary water restrictionStatus
Mortons Creek Water Source
General cease to pump restrictions for surface water – licence holders to record water take in a logbook for the duration of this Order.
Upper Lachlan Alluvial (Groundwater) Management Zone 1
Restrict aquifer access licences to 30% of entitlement
Botany Sands Groundwater Source
Taking of groundwater from two areas within the water source prohibited.