Peel pipeline rules 2020

Environmental releases under the new Peel pipeline rules 2020

  • Drought conditions over the last several years lead to NSW Government applying emergency short-term temporary measures and then a 19 km permanent underground pipeline from Chaffey Dam to Dungowan to secure water for Tamworth. The pipeline commenced operating on 17 June 2020. It only operates when Chaffey Dam storage is less than 20%.
  • Under the conditions of operation, when storage is below 20%, the only releases from Chaffey Dam allowed is of environmental water managed by the Peel Environmental Water Technical Advisory Group. This group recently ordered 61.5 ML for four days from 30 July 2020 to connected refuge pools for platypus and threatened fish species. These flows also aided the delivery of the minimum daily release of three megalitres, which is required when the dam exceeds 20%.

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