Outcomes from information sessions

Drought affected communities in regional NSW asked us to do a better job.

  • Sharing information
  • Including people in decisions
  • Taking action

Since February 2019 we have...

Provided more information on:

  • Drought updates
  • Allocations and trade
  • Environmental water
  • Restrictions and their justifications
  • Carryover
  • Groundwater allocations
  • Water sharing plan suspensions
  • Options and assistance for water users

Included more people in decisions through:

  • Expanding Critical Water Advisory Panels and publishing communiques from the meetings
  • New River Operations Consultation Committees
  • Engaging on temporary water restrictions
  • Working more closely with Councils
  • Continuing our public drought information sessions

Taken action to:

  • Protect small flows in the northern basin
  • Restrict carryover in severely affected valleys
  • Reassess capacity of near-empty storages
  • Secure and fast track approvals of emergency water infrastructure for rural towns
  • Permit some trade of water from NSW Murray towns when Menindee Lakes is low
  • Assess and consult on a range of drought management measures
  • Fast track approval processes for emergency and longer term water supply options