Available water determinations

A water allocation, which informs licensed water users how much water they can extract, is a type of announcement known as an available water determination (AWD). An AWD is given effect by a statutory water order. AWDs and their associated orders are issued on 1 July and periodically throughout the year.

Each order authorises WaterNSW to incrementally credit the accounts of licensed water users with the volume of water specified, and allows licensed users to then take that additional water in accordance with their account balance and license conditions.

Determinations for the current year and past three years can be accessed below. If you require historical information, browse the NSW Water Register or the water documents archive portal


Date Water source License category
2018 05 15 Murrumbidgee Reg. River 49.8 KB General
2018 04 15 Murrumbidgee Reg. River 48.9 KB General
2018 03 15 Murrumbidgee Reg. River 49.9 KB General
2018 03 15 Murray Reg. River 45.0 KB General
2018 02 15 Murrumbidgee Reg. River 29.2 KB General
2018 02 09 Bega-Brogo Reg. River 28.4 KB General
2018 02 07 Gwydir Reg. River 28.0 KB General
2018 01 31 NSW Border Rivers Reg. River 83.9 KB General
2018 01 15 Murray Reg. River 23.1 KB General
2018 01 10 Gwydir Reg. River 23.5 KB General
2018 01 09 NSW Border Rivers Reg. River 79.7 KB General

Past years' statements