A water allocation is the percentage of a licensed water user’s entitlement that is credited to their water account for use. We announce allocations each year on 1 July and regularly thereafter until all licence categories in a water source are fully allocated.

We allocate water using water sharing plans to ensure long-term water security and prioritised access to water across NSW. Allocations vary based on the water available in dams, river flows, and the prevailing catchment and weather conditions.

In formal terms, allocations are sometimes known as Available Water Determinations.

  1. waterdrop

    Summary of current water allocations

    Current water allocations for regulated rivers.

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    How water is allocated

    We allocate water in priority order according to the rules in water sharing plans.

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    Allocations dashboard

    Data visualisation tool to view and analyse water availability announcements.

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    Water allocation statements

    Water allocation statements are issued to confirm the sharing of available water for a specific water source or announce an increase in an allocation to a licence category.

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    Available water determinations

    Available water determinations (or allocations) inform licensed water users how much water they can extract. They are issued on 1 July and periodically throughout the year and reflect water availability.

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    Outlook, forecasts and status updates

    Information products providing outlooks, forecasts and periodic status updates.